What's cooking?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I didn't mention it in my last blog but I like to cook. Sometimes I like to see what I've got hanging around the kitchen. Whatever I've got, that I think will go good together, I throw in my crockpot. Today is one of those days.
So I have a pound of ground chicken, taco seasoning mix, can of cream of chicken soup, can of rotel tomatoes, a can of corn, and I've got some brown rice. I put the ground chicken in and got it thawed out (I guess I forgot to mention it was frozen) and I threw everything in on top of that except for the brown rice. I'll probably throw that in later with some water if I don't precook it before.

So I've got dinner started and just ate lunch with my son. Not sure what we'll be doing for the rest of the day. Lukas will probably take a nap soon. I'll start some laundry and try to watch some of my soap (Young and the Restless...yes, sadly I have been addicted since I was a child). If the weather stays nice out, I'll take Lukas out to play. Tommorow, I'll let you know how dinner turned out. If it looks good enough, I will try to post a picture.