The past few days

Monday, October 27, 2008

I haven't written in a few days so I think it's time for me to blog again. Friday was VERY exciting because Lukas went peepee on the potty! Yay Lukas! I was so proud of him that I gave him a lollipop that I happened to have on hand (we rarely have candy, lol). I hate anything sticky so this was a BIG deal for me. I'm serious, I hate sticky so much, cannot stand it! Lukas deserved his sticky lollipop though.
Saturday we watched the LSU game, in horror, as they loss big again. I was very mad at my television so I shut it off when the Georgia mutts...I mean bulldogs, made their last touchdown. It was very disappointing. The 2 games they loss this season were to the 2 worse teams for me b/c I live in Jacksonville, FL. It's just horrible, lol. I still love my hometown team though. I think they will get better. We just have 2 new, young quarterbacks so as they get more experience, I'm sure they will get better and better.
Sunday we didn't do too much at all. Lukas had a runny nose so I decided we better not go to church. I did manage to buy Lukas some Spongebob PJ's and he was very excited to wear them! He hasn't used the potty again yet but he does still sit on it throughout the day. I'm not pushing it too much b/c I don't want to make him hate doing it.
Today, I have been pretty productive in getting chores and things done around the house. Unfortunately, Lukas just will not take a nap so I'm waiting for him to tire himself to sleep. He's in his room playing so I expect he'll eventually fall asleep and not become Mr. Grump. This morning I chopped up red potatoes and some veggies and started a roast in the crockpot for our dinner. I've cleaned the toilet, done the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, done a load of laundry w/another one going in the dryer, straightened up the living room and Lukas's room, and I vacuumed. I like it when I have days like this b/c I feel like I've gotten something done!