Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 31, 2008

The day didn't start off so great but it ended well. This morning my husband took my car to work (he only had to go in for a very short time this morning and was off the rest of the day) and he got a flat tire. Last Sunday I had a flat too and we got it fixed. Two flats in one week...is that a record? When my husband took the car to get a new tire, they informed him that my car has some issues and needs over a thousand dollars worth of work done to it. Plus, I know I am going to be due for some other pretty expensive maintenance. So, we are debating on whether or not to get it fixed or to just trade it in for something else. My car has 120,000 miles on it and a few years ago we were in a pretty serious accident that almost totalled the car so it's not like we haven't driven it into the ground or anything. So...happy halloween my car is starting to crap out on me :(
I took Lukas outside to play this morning. He insisted on wearing his costume so I let him and snapped a few pictures. Later on, we took him trick or treating at an outdoor shopping center. Lukas had a blast! I didn't get very many pictures but he was the cutest little biker ever!