Another Gloomy October Day

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yesterday, I met up with a friend for a playdate and lunch. Lukas had lots of fun playing. Then we went to the Harley store to look around with my husband. After we got Lukas to bed we had ordered pasta and had a movie night. It was nice. I think we should try to have a movie night more often since we never get to go out on an actual date.

I wasn't feeling well last night and did not get much sleep. I ended up getting up really early because I could not fall back to sleep. I made some cinnamon rolls (canned) and some coffee. Lukas threw up on me this morning but he seems to be okay. I think it had to be something he ate. He acted fine afterwards but I'm watching him. We just ate lunch and put Lukas down for a nap. If Lukas's lunch stays down and he gets a good nap we plan on doing a little shopping at the mall. It is a pretty gloomy day today.

Here's a picture of Lukas and I taken yesterday: