No more crutches! Yay! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This morning I had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for my foot. It went well. They gave me a boot to walk around in so no more crutches. This makes me very happy. I even conquered grocery shopping with Lukas all by myself today. It was great :) It's so nice not to have to hop and hobble everywhere. It was only a week on crutches but it felt so much longer because of all of the trouble my son kept getting into. He was quite a stinker last week and over the weekend. We are loving our new puppy dog too. She is so sweet. She just hangs out with me on the couch and takes little puppy naps.

I also went blonde over the weekend. It was time for a change again.

A puppy dog and a broken foot

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I think it's definitely time to blog. Sunday was quite a day for us! We found a doggy :) Her name is Harley and she is so cute. Unfortunately, while I was taking her for her first walk, I stepped off of the curb and broke my foot! Yes, I broke it. Luckily, Harley is a sweet little lap dog and hangs out on the couch with me.

Might Be Adding to the Family ;)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This weekend we decided we are ready to make a new addition to the family. Maybe not exactly what you are thinking but we want a puppy dog. We've decided we want to try to find a silky terrier or a yorkie...or possibly a hybrid mix with one of the two or both. I have always wanted a dog but have horrible, horrible allergies. I actually held a silky terrier and spent a little time with one at a pet store over the weekend and wasn't bothered at all by him. There's no way we were spending what the store wanted for him. So the search is on for the perfect dog for our family. I'm hoping to find one to adopt soon but don't want to rush into it.

Meanwhile, I finally got an appointment with a neurologist but don't go until October. Speaking of October, Halloween will be here before we know it! I think I'm going to dress Lukas as a pirate again (he was a pirate for his first halloween) because he is really good at saying, "Arr!" haha! Heck, and if we find a dog before then, we'll dress him/her up too!

Update & the Weekend

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I went back to the doctor yesterday to go over my labs and to have my blood pressure checked again. Everything was in normal range so now I just have wait and go to the neurologist. If the neurologist says everything is good, then it's back to an ENT dr to see about getting my ear drums repaired. Again, not much of an update but it is what it is.

Well, the weekend went pretty well. On Saturday morning we went garage saling. We found a great deal on a Thomas the Train table plus lots of tracks, trains, and other pieces, all in great condition. I also got a few extremely cheap wall decor pieces :) I love garage sales, thrift stores, etc. I'm hoping to do it again this weekend. Saturday afternoon, we went to Waimea falls with our neigbors. Sunday, I got a lots done around the house. Laundry, cleaning, rearranging, decorated a little, etc.