Dr's Appt-no answers

Friday, July 17, 2009

I hate complaining about people but here I go, I guess. I did say I'd update after my doctor's appointment yesterday. It did not go well at all. The dr focused on only one of my symptoms and ignored the rest. He just focused on the dizziness and decided that it was a side effect from my b.c. pill and sent me home with a refill of it! So I still don't know where the headaches, blurred vision, and tiredness came from. He did go back and look at my past labs and said my thyroid is good, cholesterol good, and he said no diabetes. I don't know where he got results for diabetes because last time I was checked for that was when I was pregnant with Lukas. I left very frustrated and confused. I don't know whether to make another appointment or to just ignore my symptoms since this dr didn't seem the least bit concerned. I really do not like going to the doctor for myself so it really irritates me when I go and get absolutely nothing out of it.

My Health

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So, I finally made a doctor's appointment for myself. I go in tommorow. I am still having dizzy spells, sometimes blurred vision, headaches, and I get really tired. I have been avoiding it and didn't know why. I know there's a good possibility that I could be diabetic. I'm so scared I'll have to give myself insulin shots. I'm not afraid of getting shots and I have tattoos but thinking of giving myself a shot really freaks me out. I know I can deal with it if I have to but I admit that I am scared of everything that could come with this. I just went on the diabetes website and read up some more on it. That's when I realized that I was scared. I know I need to find out sooner than later or I could really risk my health.
Yesterday, started off pretty good. I got up, got dressed, had breakfast, and tidied up around the house while Lukas slept in. Then when Lukas got up, I fed him breakfast and got him ready to go. We went to the thrift store and I found some picture frames, a skirt and shirt for myself, and a puzzle book for Lukas. Then we went to the grocery store and then I hauled all of the groceries upstairs and put them away. After that, we had lunch. After that, like so many other days, I got so tired and all I could do was just lay down on the couch while Lukas was destroying our living room. Then when I finally felt like I could make myself get up, I had a horrible headache. My husband gave me some excedrin when he got home from work and all it did was make me jittery. Yesterday, made me realize that I really shouldn't keep going on like this. Not just for me but for Lukas. It's not fair to him that mommy has no energy.

Eating Healthier, Getting in Shape-Got any healthy recipes?

Friday, July 10, 2009

I am trying to eat healthier and get in shape. I need some more motivation to be more active! I have a wii fit and want to start working out more often. I just have the worst time sticking with stuff. I'm trying to find healthier foods to eat which isn't easy for a picky eater like myself. One thing I've started to realize that I really like is fresh sliced pineapple. Yummy! I used to think I hated pineapple but it is so good. I didn't know how to cut a pineapple so I found this website http://www.howtocutapineapple.com/ Pretty simple, right? Ha, I thought so. It really wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. As long as you have a sharp knife, things go well. I do still have all of my digits.

I also love putting this with fruit (had it on a blueberry kashi go lean waffle w/fresh blueberries for breakfast):
8 oz fat free cream cheese
1 cup powdered sugar
8 oz fat free cool whip

I put the cream cheese in the microwave for 30 secs-1 min and then mix the powdered sugar in. Then fold the cool whip into the mixture. Great with grapes, blueberries, pineapples, etc. It's sooo good. I actually got it from a grape salad recipe that my stepmom-in-law gave to me.

If anyone else has any yummy healthy recipes, let me know! I've been doing smoothies, tuna and crackers, and fruit. I need more ideas.

Pics from 4th of July Weekend

Pretty Flowers and a Rockstar

There are now flowers in my flower bed. Let's see how long they live. I've also added some river rocks to it since taking pics. I have never really had a garden of any kind. I used to help my mom with her garden on rare occassions when I was growing up. That is about the extent of my very vast gardening experience. While I was planting my lovely flowers, Lukas rode his big wheel and his 4 wheeler. While he was riding around, every once in awhile he would yell something out. I kept trying to figure out what he was saying and I was almost sure that he was yelling, "Poptart!". I thought he was saying poptart until today. I finally realized he was yelling out, "Rockstar!" I cracked up! haha! The other day, probably about a week ago, I asked Lukas if he was a rockstar and he replied with a big, "Yeah!" What a cute little rockstar I have. He's the coolest!

4th of July Weekend

Monday, July 6, 2009

We had a nice 4th of July weekend. Friday, we went to Hanauma Bay (one of our favorite spots) with friends, got some yummy shaved ice, and then later had dinner at Buca Di Beppo's. Saturday, the 4th, we went to the Dole plantation, enjoyed going through the maze and taking a ride on the train. Lukas was so excited to ride the train that he was screaming and jumping up and down for joy. Sunday morning I made pancakes for breakfast and we cleaned house. We went to the store and bought some gardening supplies. Then I made some red beans and rice for dinner. It was my first time making red beans and rice so I was happy that it turned out pretty good. My husband ate 2 bowls so I figure it was either really good or he was really hungry. After dinner, we cleared out my flower bed and my husband saved me from a big scary centiped. Now I have to figure out what we should plant. I want some pretty, colorful, tropical plants and flowers.