An Unhappy Post

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today I have an appointment to get my eyes checked. A well overdue appointment. I think it's been at least 4 yrs since I've had my eyes checked so I'm pretty sure I'll be getting some new glasses and this time I'll try to actually wear them.
I have to vent a bit....This morning my husband had me drive him to work (we only have one car and my husband has a motorcycle and it was raining today-he does not ride in the rain). I was kind of wondering why he made me drive him. We start talking and I realize he THINKS my eye appt is on base which it's NOT. I told him a bunch of times where it was and even told him I drove by. I've been talking about how close the place was to where we live for a week. So, I was really irritated b/c the only reason I was driving him to work in the rain was b/c he thought my appointment was on base (where he works...). Okay, so the real reason I'm so irritated is because he always does stuff like this to me and then blames it on having too much on his mind when really it's that he never listens when I am talking to him. I feel like when I'm talking that he has absolutely no interest in what I'm saying and just dismisses everything like it doesn't matter. There is so much lately...or for a while, that really bothers me and talking to him about it obviously does nothing. The last two times I was sick, he refused to help me with simple tasks for our son (normally, I do everything...he does help change diapers sometimes but that's only after me complaining for the whole first year of my son's life and threatening to leave). For example, I asked him to get Lukas a sippy cup (on the day I was puking and couldn't eat a thing) and he said, "You're not dying." I could go on and on about lots of things but I'll try not to. Basically, I am just not too happy but you can't make a person change.


sues2u2 said...

I wanted to comment before but basically wasn't too sure what to say. Sometimes I know that we all need to vent & other times...

I truly do feel your frustration though. My hubby didn't think some stomach pain that I had had for over 10 yrs (came & went) was any big deal even though I had to go to the er constantly. Finally someone did an mri & they admitted me asap. Surprised him when they wanted to do surgery first thing in the morning. So I do get what you are saying.

One thing I learned the one & only time we went to counseling is that you should never threaten to leave unless you are actually going to walk out the door right then & there. Not a criticism btw since I was doing the same thing.

I do wish you all the best; being a military spouse is a job unto itself!

emily82 said...

I agree with the leaving part. The only time I ever threatened to leave was when I really meant it. I was actually already gone (was already out of town visiting family for other reasons) so I was threatening to not come back. So he knew I was serious. Right now, I feel like I want to stay and keep working at it. I just get really frustrated sometimes.