Dr's Appointments

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I had a dr's appointment Thursday and Lukas had his 2 yr check up on Friday. I've been having some ear issues and they've been causing me to have some vertigo so my dr is referring me to an E.N.T. specialist. I haven't been to an E.N.T. since just after the middle ear surgery I had when I was 10 yrs old. Apparantly I've got some scarring on my eardrum from the surgery and both my eardrums have holes in them...maybe from tubes I had in and out of my ears as a child. My dr said the E.N.T. may want to go in and repair my eardrum (I really hope NOT b/c I do not even want to think about me having surgery!) I've got an appt to see the E.N.T. dr in February. The dr also suggested I seek counseling for another issue so I'll be trying to get an appointment for that next week. I've also got to go get my eyes checked b/c I haven't done that in about 4 yrs and I never wear my broken glasses. They were mostly for astigmatism but my eyes have probably changed in 4 yrs so I expect to be getting a new prescription and a new pair of glasses that I will probably actually have to wear. So, I'm going to be pretty busy with taking care of myself.
I might be falling apart, haha, but Lukas is doing great! I take much better care of him than I do myself. He's in the 90 percentile for height and the 25 percentile for weight, which is better than the 10 percentile he was in for his 18 mth appointment. He's doing really well with talking and everything else too. I'm very proud of him and so, so glad that he has not inherited my horrible ear problems so far.
Meanwhile, we've been passing around a 24 hour bug. Lukas had it Thursday, I had it Friday, and then Clifton got it yesterday. It wasn't fun but I think it is all over with now. Hopefully, we'll be able to enjoy next weekend and none of us will be sicky icky!


Rob said...

We'll pray that you don't need ear surgery and it sounds like Lucas is a mighty lucky little guy with such a caring Mom. Good luck with your checkup.