Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday, I had a doctor's appointment and it went well. I had a few questions about some things. One was about being allergic to my wedding rings and the doctor informed me I was allergic to nickel. So no nickel for me. I also had some lab work done and still waiting on the results. She is checking my thyroid and something else.

Meanwhile, Lukas is pacifier free! I was really dreading taking away the pacifier because he was SO attached to it but he really did very well. I looked at my husband today and said, "Do you realize we got Lukas off of the pacifier?" I couldn't believe how easy it was. Next step potty training (Aaaahh!).

Saturday we got new cell phones. Yay! Lukas didn't have much fun while we were buying them and getting our new plan figured out. I had to let my husband take care of it all while I chased Lukas all over Best Buy. I think I got a pretty good work out!

Today, Lukas woke up in the cutest mood. I just knew he was feeling all better. He slept really well last night and he seems back to his normal self. I think his cold has officially run it's course (crosses fingers).


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