I'd love a moment for myself sometimes

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lately, I have really been wanting a break. And by break, I just mean a moment to myself. A moment for myself. I guess I've just been a little stressed out this week with Lukas's naptime and bedtime. That and I just really feel like I never get a moment for myself. I really don't. I have no family here, no babysitters, nothing really. Last night my husband did help with bedtime. Thank goodness b/c I really needed that. I'm hoping my husband will watch our son for me sometime this weekend just so I can get out of the apartment by myself.
I'm trying not to complain because I chose this life. My husband is in the military and this is just how it is. I think I'm getting worried about our move and my husband going back on sea duty. It's going to be just me and Lukas whenever he is deployed. I've got to make sure I make some really good friends when we move to Hawaii. I plan on trying to find a Mother's Day Out program or something similar if I can too.
It really isn't easy not ever having a moment for yourself. My husband and I rarely (and I mean RARELY) go anywhere together alone. The last time we went out by ourselves together was for our anniverary in August...and I couldn't tell you when it was before that. It was probably Christmas last year. I love my son to death and love being able to stay home with him but sometimes I really wish I had help.


Lenae said...

Hi there- I found you off of FlipFlop Mamma's blog. I totally can relate to this issue- I'm an Air Force wife, hundreds of miles from both sets of our families. I hope you're able to get out and have some free time to clear your mind and relax... Motherhood is wonderful but we all need to recharge sometimes and remember who we are other than diaper-changers and juice-getters :)

sues2u2 said...

I don't know about Navy but Af (Hubby's retired) when you're overseas (I think that Hawaii would qualify) it's a ton easier to make friends. Get involved w/ the FRG. They'll be able to help w/ the getting to know people. Go to every playgroup that you can!

I have soooo totally been there!
Maybe suggest to your Hubby that you could really use a walk or a trip to the store alone. Also your community center should have some resources to help you. Have you checked to see if the daycare center on base has a drop in for maybe an hour or two? Usually base day cares have one or two nights a month that they will stay later so that parents can go out for a little while. It's typically on a first on the list type of thing.