Pretty Flowers and a Rockstar

Friday, July 10, 2009

There are now flowers in my flower bed. Let's see how long they live. I've also added some river rocks to it since taking pics. I have never really had a garden of any kind. I used to help my mom with her garden on rare occassions when I was growing up. That is about the extent of my very vast gardening experience. While I was planting my lovely flowers, Lukas rode his big wheel and his 4 wheeler. While he was riding around, every once in awhile he would yell something out. I kept trying to figure out what he was saying and I was almost sure that he was yelling, "Poptart!". I thought he was saying poptart until today. I finally realized he was yelling out, "Rockstar!" I cracked up! haha! The other day, probably about a week ago, I asked Lukas if he was a rockstar and he replied with a big, "Yeah!" What a cute little rockstar I have. He's the coolest!