Dr's Appt-no answers

Friday, July 17, 2009

I hate complaining about people but here I go, I guess. I did say I'd update after my doctor's appointment yesterday. It did not go well at all. The dr focused on only one of my symptoms and ignored the rest. He just focused on the dizziness and decided that it was a side effect from my b.c. pill and sent me home with a refill of it! So I still don't know where the headaches, blurred vision, and tiredness came from. He did go back and look at my past labs and said my thyroid is good, cholesterol good, and he said no diabetes. I don't know where he got results for diabetes because last time I was checked for that was when I was pregnant with Lukas. I left very frustrated and confused. I don't know whether to make another appointment or to just ignore my symptoms since this dr didn't seem the least bit concerned. I really do not like going to the doctor for myself so it really irritates me when I go and get absolutely nothing out of it.


sues2u2 said...

Make an appt w/ someone else. Immediately, or @ least first thing Monday! lol

Before you go in, make a list of everything that's bothering you & make sure you tell the person who checks you in. As a matter of fact, tell the appt scheduler & then make sure the dr listens to you.

Get your Hubby to ask @ work who everyone likes for a Dr. Ask everyone you can think of who they like for a Dr. I am very concerned for you. If there is a likelihood of diabetes it could be very bad to ignore this.

Hang in there. You're not alone.