ENT Appt-Update

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I finally had my appointment with the ENT Dr and it went well. I do have a medium sized tear in my right eardrum and a slight hearing loss in that ear. The scarring on my left eardrum (I think the Dr said it was inverted or something) just makes it difficult to clear my ears so sometimes the pressure bothers me. They could do surgery to repair the tear in my right eardrum but I chose not to because I would not benefit from it all that much. I'm very relieved to know that I do not need surgery!


Kacie said...

well that's what it's been the past years.. remember a long time YOU never would hear me...lol!!

Well hope you feel better!

emily82 said...

Nah unh! The dr says my hearing is still in normal range. lol!